Sign Up Procedures for Twin Lakes Games

To sign up for a match, just click on the link and follow the instructions.  Enter your name EXACTLY as it appears on the membership roster. 

If you want to know whether or not you signed up for a particular play date, click on the sign up link for that day.  On the next screen, click on green link to view current signups.

If you want to withdraw from a match (or if you have signed up more than once), click on the sign up link for that day, click on the green link, then click on remove your signup link in upper right.  Follow the instructions.

The sign up link will be closed by 8:00 PM the Sunday prior to the match.
Returning members please mail a check for $15 to Jim Breglio, 9008 Stoneleigh Ct., Fairfax VA 22031-3243













FOREST GREENS is our next away game on September 26.  Use link to the left for details.  Deadline for entries is Saturday, September 21

Just in case you do not know why we do not play on September 19 -- Twin Lakes has blocked both courses for a tournament.  We get to stay home and do stuff.

The two finalists in the "Toast with a Twist"

Ladies Entry:  
     "Here's to Martinis - but two at the most
      Three I'm under the table
      Four I'm under the host"

Mens Entry:
      "Here's to the happiest hours of my life
       Spent in the arms of another man's wife
       ……...My Mother"